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Lori Submitted This Personal Remembrance on Jul 05, 2016:
John was a great person. He loved his family very much. We had the pleasure of having John stay with us for a short time. He was so good to my kids. He actually loved to watch I Carly with them. John loved to go out walking with Hannah. She was his little buddy when he was here. We will miss him so much. He was a very kind loving person. Not everyone got to see that side of him. We love you John.
Donna Submitted This Personal Remembrance on Jul 06, 2016:
Great person from a wonderful will be missed.....thoughts and prayers for the family....
Kathy Greeley Submitted This Personal Remembrance on Jul 07, 2016:
I have many good memories of my brother. He was always smiling, laughing. He also had a great sense of humor. He loved his family a lot and would have done anything for them. I love you John and you will be missed a lot.
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