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Patricia Wigfield Submitted This Personal Remembrance on Jun 08, 2015:
I have always felt like the "Puffers" were part of our family, and not just because their daughter married my brother. Rick made a very socially awkward, geeky, not so athletic, ordinary girl feel like a princess for a night when he escorted me to my Junior Ball in 1981. We had a great time that night and I will never forget it or him. RIP Rick
Elaine Hallett Submitted This Personal Remembrance on Jun 08, 2015:
Joanne and Monroe and family, I am saddened to hear about the loss of your son, Rick. This has to be such a painful time for all of you. I can only assume his diabetes became the culprit of his death. I will be thinking about you. My most sincere sympathy and love at this difficult time.
Chris Harrington Submitted This Personal Remembrance on Jun 09, 2015:
As we go through life we meet people who seem to have the ability to remain positive in the face of life’s many challenges. Rick was one of these people, it was his gift. He was given many challenges in his life but always managed to smile. It was a pleasure to have worked with him. He was always hard working and focused while maintaining that positive attitude. It was his smile that brightened some stormy, difficult days at work. He will be greatly missed. I’m sure the Lord has special place for you. I will say good bye for now and hope we meet again old friend.
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