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Chad Burnham Submitted This Personal Remembrance on Apr 05, 2014:
I was a lucky boy growing up, living just a couple miles away from my uncles and the farm. My first memory of Uncle Robert was when I was just a few years old, and came as a scolding when I repeated some language I heard at the coffee break table. I learned rather quickly that when he spoke, he meant business and I was not to repeat everything I heard them say. I still remember the word to this day and laugh to myself, because by today's standards it's hardly considered a swear word. Uncle Robert was one of the most ethical and dedicated people I have ever known, and could always be counted on to do the right thing. He was always there to lend a helping hand regardless of the job at task and never expected anything in return. I had spent lots of time around all my uncles as a youngster and wanted to grow up to be just like every one of them. Even though they were all hard workers, they always had a way of making the work seem fun, and I just couldn't wait for more. As I became older, it gave me great pleasure to be able to be the one who lent the helping hand, whether it be a roofing job, a carpentry project, car repairs, or just yard work. Everyone always pitched in to help, and we all had a good time. Over the years I have missed the experiences of hunting, fishing, and snowmobiling together as Uncle Robert had given up these activities with age. I however, hold on to the memories of sitting on Smith Pond ice fishing, hunting on Blue Sky, and riding our snowmobiles to breakfast in Prattsburg. There always seemed to be some interesting story that came out of everything we did. Quite often Uncle Robert would wander up to his barn where I was restoring an old John Deere tractor, to check on the progress. He would sit on a bucket and always say the same thing, "boy you ain't ever going to get this thing back together". Sometimes not a single thing would get accomplished, but we would have a good long chat. It often used to make me chuckle inside and thought if we talked a little less I probably would be a further along. I wouldn't have changed a thing though, and look back to those times and wish I could have them back. Even though I moved a little further away and didn't get to see him as often as I used to, I still thought of him often when I would see a John Deere tractor or a piece of antique glassware I knew he would like. We still got to see one another at the local fire hall dinners, and would usually meet at someone's house afterwards to catch up on everything. Uncle Robert, as with all my uncles, has been an important role model in my life and will be greatly missed and always remembered.
Kathie Mehlenbacher Submitted This Personal Remembrance on Apr 06, 2014:
My sincere sympathy to all the family. I will always remember the fun I had with Jean and the family. "Pops" was a very special man. I am glad I had the opportunity of knowing him. My love to all.
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