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Terah Soule Submitted This Personal Remembrance on Oct 21, 2013:
A wonderful and gentle man who is missed by many - a great family friend who will never be forgotten. A plant that he gave me a couple of years ago is sitting in my living room and thriving - it is my "Mr.Carter" plant.
Richard Kellogg Submitted This Personal Remembrance on Oct 21, 2013:
Wayne was a delightful teaching colleague during his years at Alfred State College. He was a dedicated teacher and excellent mentor for countless students. Wayne was part of "the greatest generation" and he will live on in the memories of his family and many friends.
Michael Carter Submitted This Personal Remembrance on Oct 21, 2013:
My grandfather has always and will always be a huge inspiration in my life and driving force to become the best person I can be. His life will be forever remembered and celebrated. I would really enjoy hearing the stories and memories held by those outside the family. Please feel free to share them on here or email me at
Ruben & Ann Leathersich Lugo Submitted This Personal Remembrance on Oct 22, 2013:
My husband Ruben will always remember Wayne as a well respected man in the Mason community. He attended his 3rd degree ceremony at the Auburn N.Y. Lodge. He was a beloved neighbor and friend to the Leathersich family and will be greatly missed.
Brent L. Reynolds Submitted This Personal Remembrance on Oct 23, 2013:
Mr. Carter was a man I have always held in high regard. A man full of integrity, honesty, mercy and grace. As one of our greatest generation he gave so much for his country, but was so humble he didn't see himself as the true hero that he was. A few years ago I asked him if I could interview him for a local publication that was going to highlight veterans that year. He wanted nothing published but I was blessed that he shared his story with me. He never wore his war wounds like a crown and if you didn't know him well you may never have known of their existence. My memories are the Tuesday Night Bowling League chasing Kay's then boyfriend around the apple trees with the 49 Pontiac watching Gator dribble the basketball with his feet (like a soccer ball) after shooting hoops upstairs in the barn, as Ray confidently proclaimed Watch me shoot this ball right through the dog door (Spice would enter through). Drawing his foot back and delivering the ball right in the middle of a series of windows about 4 foot above and 5 foot to the left of the target shattering many panes. Even with these events - Mr. Carter let Ray live a true sign of his mercy. Hanging out with Pat and Ray the cookies and the always calm peace of the Carter household. Mr. Carter's smile, and quick wit stick in my brain. Men like Mr. Carter are difficult to find today and there are none that have accomplished more in terms of affecting the direction of so many lives. Brent Reynolds
Keith and Sally Doty Submitted This Personal Remembrance on Oct 24, 2013:
Sending our thoughts and prayer to all family members of your loss, and know that Wayne was a great friend over the years.
Janice Porter Submitted This Personal Remembrance on Oct 25, 2013:
Wayne was a very good friend to both Jud and Margaret Stearns. He was loyal in picking up Jud for "youth group" coffee. And, Margaret also enjoyed his caring and involvement in their lives. For Dave and I, Wayne was a part of our church life every Sunday. He remained cheerful and positive in the face of many trials. We will miss his wry humor and his good presence. He will be part of all of us for eternity. With compassion, Jan and Dave Porter
Stub Hartman Submitted This Personal Remembrance on Oct 28, 2013:
Our thoughts and prayers are with the you. Stub and Janice
Moe and Jeanne Mead Submitted This Personal Remembrance on Nov 02, 2013:
Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you at this time. We have many fond memories of Wayne and Edna and are happy that they are together again.
Steve Smith Submitted This Personal Remembrance on Nov 15, 2013:
I didn't know Wayne Carter that well. His son has been my friend, most of my life. I haven't forgotten that Wayne helped me when I was in one of my jams. In Laurie's Remembrance one point especially stood out for me. She said something like "we look at a man like Wayne and we want to be more gracious because we have been touched by his graciousnees". It's pretty easy to be grateful for Wayne Carter and maybe to be a bit more kind because of him.
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