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Phyllis Kirschenheuter Submitted This Personal Remembrance on Oct 15, 2013:
Aunt Julie, I'm going to miss you very much. All the things I remember about you are good, because you were my Godmom. I remember coming to you to go with me to get ice cream when my Mom wouldn't let me have any. Also, I remember trying to con Uncle Don out of a nickel to get me ice cream. He always gave in. He was a softee and so were you. I know you're happy with Uncle Don and my Mom. Please say hello to Ray and tell him I miss him very much and wish to be with him. May you have eternal peace in the Lord's hands.
Linda and David Weyand and Daughters Submitted This Personal Remembrance on Oct 16, 2013:
Our condolences to your family regarding your mother Mrs. Carretto. She was a neighbor of ours on Honey Run Road for several years. I enjoyed visiting with her on her porch with my daughters. She always wanted to know about my daughter's latest story of growing up and she shared many stories of raising her sons and missing her husband. May she rest in peace!
Angela Gorham Submitted This Personal Remembrance on Oct 16, 2013:
Remembering the summer visits to your house. It was filled with alot of laughter and happy memories. Of course there was always the endless amount of food. My mother truly enjoyed those visits. I know that on 10/13 there was a true celebration in heaven for you and I am sure my mother is now truly at peace with her sister at her side! You will be missed but I know you are home!
Tony Cileo, Jr. Submitted This Personal Remembrance on Oct 17, 2013:
Remembering all the times you used to visit grandpop and grandmom's house and the summer vacations to Trenton. Also remember how much you and my mom looked so much alike. Also remembering the time we came to visit you in Hornell New York and the time Uncle Dom took me over to the train yard and I got a free ride on the train and the engineer let me drive the big locomotive for a short time. May you Rest in Peace Always.
Tony Cileo, Jr. Submitted This Personal Remembrance on Oct 17, 2013:
Remembering all the times when you and your family used to visit Grandmom and Grandpops house during your summer vacation. One thing I really remember is how much you looked like my mother. Even though you were sisters you looked liked twins. May you rest in peace.
Teresa King Submitted This Personal Remembrance on Oct 18, 2013:
I met Julie at the nursing home when I would come with my small kids to visit my mother. She was always so kind to the kids and loved to chat. She was a very nice lady and I am glad I got to meet her.
Dominic Carretto "Pudge" Submitted This Personal Remembrance on Oct 19, 2013:
I truly respected my mother to no end. She worked hard all her life to give us all she could while my brother and I were growing up. Over the years things change as we move on with our lives but the love of your Mom never fades over time. Those of you who knew Mom knew her to be down to earth with a sincere caring heart. Her very special smile and laughter just made you feel good all over just knowing her. Her Italian heritage made her truly special where the staff at McAuley Manor just loved her along with her sense of humor. She could speak Italian if she wanted too just to make your day a little more pleasant knowing most could not understand her. She never asked for much in life. She loved my Dad to the very end and now she is finally at peace and will be with him in Heaven. Thank you Mom for all you gave in life.
Dominic Carretto IV Submitted This Personal Remembrance on Oct 22, 2013:
Grandmom was an amazing and inspirational person. She wasn't afraid of anything, and her stories of killing snakes would brought a smile to your face. As a kid, she always made sure I was fed great when we visited, the lasagna meals were awesome. The times I visited her in the nursing home, I always asked about her childhood and where she was born. I loved hearing about our heritage. When Dad and I brought her a cannoli, she would light up and eat the whole thing in a matter of minutes! I'll treasure the time I spent with Grandmom and will always remember her. Love you Grandmom!
NIKELL CARRETTO DOYLE Submitted This Personal Remembrance on Jan 01, 2014:
I miss you Grandma and I'm glad I got to talk to you when I did. Nobody knows how much I miss you and the memories we shared over the years when Dominic and I were growing up. We used to have so much fun coming up to visit you and Grandpa and after Grandpa passed away we knew how much you missed him and we shared your loss to no end. Things changed over the years and all we have now are the fond memories of you and all you did for us when Dominic and I would come to visit you years ago. We loved all your stories of the old days when you and Grandpa first met and how you managed to make a life for your family when our Daddy was growing up. It just goes to show you how much the word "family" really means. Dominic and I learned the value of family traditions and always valued all your taught us. We all miss you very much and I know the Angels in Heaven have helped you find Grandpa now and may you always and forever rest in peace. I love you Grandma and will forever love and miss you. Nikell
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