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Matthew McAneney Submitted This Personal Remembrance on Nov 27, 2020:
As my 4th grade teacher Mr. Sirianni was a huge influence on my life and a huge inspiration for my desire to pursue a career in education. His focus on manners and respect are life lessons I’ve carried with me all these years. I never missed an opportunity to introduce my own 3 boys to Mr. Sirianni and discuss how much he meant to me. Thank you Mr. Sirianni. May you Rest In Peace.
Jim Tobin Submitted This Personal Remembrance on Nov 28, 2020:
I was a 4th grader at North Hornell and Mr. Sirianni was my teacher. I have fond memories of my time at North Hornell. As a college student I did my student teaching with Mr. Sirianni as my supervising teacher. I saw what a wonderful relationship he had with his students. Years later I became a colleague of Bill. We had great times with our other co-workers, especially at the Pink Cadillac. Students and teachers that had the chance to know and work with Bill will truly miss him.
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