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Jane Cronin Submitted This Personal Remembrance on Mar 02, 2020:
Thoughts and prayers for the family.
Ric Klug Submitted This Personal Remembrance on Mar 03, 2020:
I will miss John. He joined GE just as I retired, but I consulted with GE and got to know him then. He always had a positive attitude on life and I know he was looking to retire soon. I will miss his calls, seeing him on the golf course, and his passion for Alfred U. My condolences to all of his family. We lost a good one.
Thea Wang Submitted This Personal Remembrance on Mar 03, 2020:
I am so sorry to hear of John's passing. He was so generous with his time helping all of us graduate students in the lab at UCLA. He was a kind and wonderful person and he will be missed.
Lauraine Denault Submitted This Personal Remembrance on Mar 04, 2020:
I’m so sorry to hear of John’s passing, my deepest sympathy to his family. I was lucky to have worked with John @ GE. He was a wonderful teacher, gladly sharing his knowledge and himself. He always enjoyed talking about his family (Golf vacations & Pollinger Sauerkraut!). We have lost a great kind & gentle man. A toast to you John, hope you will teach me when we meet again!
John and Judy Kelso Submitted This Personal Remembrance on Mar 05, 2020:
Our deepest sympathies to the Pollinger family. We have many fond memories of the time John spent with us and our many friends at Penn State. We pray that John is at peace in God's loving embrace.
Kevin L. Davis Submitted This Personal Remembrance on Mar 05, 2020:
I attended Alfred U. with John, and was his fraternity brother. He was always a good friend. Please accept my very deepest condolences.
Ron Walecki Submitted This Personal Remembrance on Mar 06, 2020:
Great sailing companion. Very intelligent. Never forgot what you told him about sailing theory and boat control. A truly great person. I will miss seeing him on the visits to California RIP, John
Liddy Loree Submitted This Personal Remembrance on Mar 07, 2020:
John was a friend of my family's for 60 years, really. The Loree family sends their love and prayers and will miss a most wonderful person. It's hard to think that he's gone. His brilliance was overshadowed only by his kindness. I was lucky enough to see him occasionally when he was at UCLA and we had some lovely dinners. There are too many remembrances from our childhood adventures in Hornell, the Adirondacks, the Finger Lakes, and Port Washington to list here, but I'll always remember his sense of humor and sweet demeanor. Love to all the Pollingers at this incredibly difficult time.
Jon Benesch Submitted This Personal Remembrance on Mar 08, 2020:
John was one of the smartest, most gifted and accomplished people to ever come out of Hornell and from the Southside no less. From a young age he demonstrated he clearly saw and embraced the "Big Picture", was well rounded and not a "one ball juggler", willing to live for the greater good and benefit of others. His life was a "tsunami" of accomplishments from start to end. He had faith in God and served with us at St. Ignatius as an altar boy and dedicated communicant there from what I recall and demonstrated faith in mankind in accomplishing his Eagle Scout rank. He was a joy to play in the HHS music programs with as a skilled trombonist and in Crosby, Grand and Canisteo Street sandlot sports. His educational achievements were top tier stellar and he applied it all to the betterment of himself and globally as best he could. I always liked John's humble demeanor and kind nature; he never called me out for foolishness when given many opportunities for such back in the day. He dry sense of humor was one of his trademarks as well. His mind was usually way down the road ahead of everyone else in many ways due to his high level of intelligence. My struggle in that was I always wondered if John or Jennifer was smarter and maybe its a solid tie. When I walk around and pass the Penn State campus near where I live, I reflect on that fact this institution has lost one of its truly great sons. His life in earnest is a case study of sorts in how to live an outstanding life with long term impact. He leaves a very bid footprint of accomplishments. One cannot say enough good about of the life of this honorable man. My deepest condolences om his passing go to his family, relatives, friends and those whose lives were blessed by God by the times and sharings they were priviledged to have with John. Godspeed in moving on despite this huge loss. JB
Mike Brun Submitted This Personal Remembrance on Mar 09, 2020:
I worked with John for relatively short time but that was sufficient to realize how much he knew about how many things. His range of interests was far greater than mine or of my typical colleague. I also remember him for being remarkably even-tempered, something that is difficult when working in lab where not everything always goes per plan.
Nancy Cusumano Submitted This Personal Remembrance on Mar 13, 2020:
John is the brother of a good friend of mine. When he lived in LA, she and I and a couple of our other girlfriends stayed at his lovely home in Huntington Beach. We went out twice from NY, and I could not have needed this time away in the sunshine more. John was an amazing host, as he was with everything he did. We could talk for hours on any number of topics and often did. He holds a big spot in my heart. I am so very sorry to hear of his passing at such a young age, and hope his family is able to cope with his loss. Sending lots of love.
John Burke Submitted This Personal Remembrance on Dec 03, 2020:
Super intelligent, extra nice, a true gentleman,
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