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Grace Harlow Klein Submitted This Personal Remembrance on Mar 08, 2019:
Jackie was a dear friend of many years. She was a leader and advocate for associate degree nursing, championing it as an educational pathway for students who would not otherwise have had access to an education in nursing. She was also a mentor for many individual students, encouraging them to succeed when their life circumstances were against their success. Jackie loved her home and garden during the years she lived in Rochester, NY and was a compassionate listener for family members in her role as a volunteer at Rochester General Hospital. She is remembered for her smile, her deep caring, loyalty and expressive voice in her poetry and her lifelong connection with her twin brother, Jim.
Nancy Griffin Shadd Submitted This Personal Remembrance on Mar 09, 2019:
To Jackie's Family and Friends: I am so saddened to read of Jackie's passing. I first got to know Jackie through our mutual docent work at the National Susan B. Anthony Museum and House in Rochester, NY. She was a faithful volunteer who was a regular on Tuesday afternoons, and was passionate on telling the story of Ms. Anthony. We soon realized we were both from Hornell NY and that she and her twin brother Jim were HHS graduates. She was so proud of her brother and often spoke about him. Jackie and I met to chat and enjoy each others company. I always learned from her as she was so smart, well informed on issues and always professionally dressed. She was dedicated to nursing and with some prodding expanded on her outstanding career in the field. She volunteered at RGH to use her medical background with pre-op patients. She had a wry wit that was unmatched by any. I felt privileged to have known Jackie, who enriched my life and those of others. She will be greatly missed by all who knew her. My Deepest Sympathy to her Sisters, Sister in law, extended family and all her friends. Nancy Griffin Shadd
Thomas Connelly Submitted This Personal Remembrance on Mar 11, 2019:
I will always remember her dedication to the profession of nursing and her quick wit. I have fond memories of having meals and meaningful conversations about things that really matter. Rest in peace, my colleague and friend.
Barbara Daley Submitted This Personal Remembrance on Apr 12, 2019:
To Jackie’s family and friends, I am so sorry to recently learn of Jackie’s passing. You have my deepest sympathy and I know that she will be greatly missed. I worked with Jackie for many years when she was at Tompkins Cortland Community College. I considered her a mentor and a dear friend. She hired me into my very first job in nursing education and taught me what it means to work with students and to really foster their learning and growth. I remember her guiding me in how to work with students to foster their understanding of patients, as well as, their understanding of themselves. I have always remembered Jackie telling me, “You need to know when they need a hug, and when they need a kick in the pants!!” Those words and that wisdom have served me well during my career and I have thought of that often. Jackie was also a friend who would help you out in many situations. She was the person that I called at 2am to come to my house and take care of my older daughter when I went into labor with my youngest. From that day forward, I always felt like she was part of my family. She was a wonderful person, with a caring heart and terrific sense of humor.
Caroline H Hanna, TC3 nursing class of 1982 Submitted This Personal Remembrance on Jul 16, 2021:
In August, 1980, I was raising two children, in Ithaca, on my own. I decided I wanted to become a nurse. I made an appointment with Jackie Perley, who was the head of the nursing program at Tompkins Cortland Community College. The program had an excellent reputation, and I wanted to start the next month. To my utter dismay, Ms Perley told me that entry into the program was through a lottery. It was popular! She said the applicant lottery was full, and maybe I could try to get in the following year. She was nice about it, but firm, as only she could be. I was determined to get in, so I came back every day for the following ten days or so, and sat in a chair outside her office. I wanted to be there if there was ANY chance of getting in. At the end of the ten days, after seeing me sitting there for those days, she called me into her office. I will never forget her saying, "Some people who got in by way of the lottery have not called me back. You, on the other hand, have shown me how much you want to join our program. So, YOU'RE IN!" I was thrilled, and began a two year program that was difficult, but oh so rewarding. "Jackie" as we called her, had incredibly high standards, and it was an honor to graduate from the TC3 Nursing Program. I will always be grateful for that decision she made. I am now almost 80 years old(I began nursing school at TC3 when I was 37), and have always been proud to be a nurse.
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