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sharon curran rogersp Submitted This Personal Remembrance on Oct 01, 2017:
celebrate like crazy in the old irish fashion. wish i could be there.
Jean Kellogg Pissanos Submitted This Personal Remembrance on Oct 01, 2017:
I had no idea about Marty's early life! I met Marty and Emmy Fall of 1966 when I was a freshman at Ag Tech, working for the college newspaper and sold an ad to them. They were so wonderful to me. A year later I met Les Kellogg who became my first husband and of course he knew the whole family well. I also remember they liked to play cards in Almond. I got to know some of the kids better when I worked for Dr. del Campo. Marty seemed ageless. Thanks for his complete story in today's newspaper. Love to a wonderful family.
Terry Fennelly Submitted This Personal Remembrance on Oct 03, 2017:
My sincere condolences to the family and friends of Marty. I got my BS and MS degress in ceramic engineering at Alfred so had heard all about Marty back in the 60's. I then had the privilege of working with Marty at Transelco/Ferr o through the 80's and 90's. He was so knowledgeable and helped us a great deal. He built equipment and maintained it for us. He was a remarkable man; an all around great man.
patti curran sherman Submitted This Personal Remembrance on Oct 04, 2017:
my heart breaks at the loss, again, for our family. the last time i saw uncle marty was, sadly, when his brother (and my dad) Phil passed away in 1999. he made that trip all the way out here and i am reminded of how awesome he was and how much he reminds me of my own dad. i hope that marty, polly and phil are together once again and will be with you all for an Irish toast! fondly ...
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