Personal Online Remembrances

Richard Kellogg Submitted This Personal Remembrance:
Larry was known as a master teacher during the years he spent in the classroom at Alfred-Almond School and at Alfred State College. For me, Larry was a collegial friend and it was always a pleasure to spend time with him at various college functions. He will be greatly missed by his many students and teaching colleagues.
Dan Neverett Submitted This Personal Remembrance:
Larry was a wonderful colleague with whom I had the privilege of working at Alfred State. Not only was he an exceptional teacher who influenced thousands of students, but he also was a committed and student-focused professional. My thoughts and prayers are with his family.
Nancy Moore Submitted This Personal Remembrance:
I remember Mr. Shinebarger very fondly both at Alfred=Almond and Alfred State. Such a kind man!! May he rest in peace and much sympathy to his family.
Kim Clifford Wood Submitted This Personal Remembrance:
Michelle and Doug...thinking of you with prayers and thoughts of sympathy. May your feel the love of God comforting you all...
Richard Place Submitted This Personal Remembrance:
He was a wonderful teacher, and I enjoyed his English class At Alfred Almond. He had a great gift, to inspire as well as educate.
Joan Potenza Submitted This Personal Remembrance:
Deb, So sorry about the passing of your father. I know you did as much as possible for him and I am sure he appreciated it. I hope he is at peace now with your mom.
Lisa Turner Submitted This Personal Remembrance:
Larry was a lifelong teacher, touching the lives of everyone who knew him in the deepest, most significant, of ways. Larry was the supreme philosopher, challenging me and others to apply critical thinking skills, perspective, and balance to our decisions. As a student of Larry's at Alfred Almond Central School, I learned not only English, but how to navigate life. Larry's gifts live on in our own expression of patience, love, and understanding.
Jane Rahmlow Submitted This Personal Remembrance:
Saying goodbye to someone who has been part of my life for since my childhood is truly difficult. The Shinebarger home was always a place where I was welcomed with unconditional love. It was a gift I cherished, and will greatly miss. Mr. S. and I had many conversations over the years contemplating life's meaning. Since Mrs.S. had passed these conversations grew more profound and deeper in nature. Always the philosopher and consummate professor I believe his life long search in this area had lead him to a peaceful place. A place where loved prevailed, and was all that really matter. I am thankful for the love I received, and his presence in my life. I have many wonderful memories!
Marty Dugan Submitted This Personal Remembrance:
So sorry to hear about the loss of such a good man. I grew up with the Shinebargers and remember both Mr. and Mrs. fondly for how well they treated us. They were warm, welcoming, thoughtful, and always friendly and fun to talk with. Prayers and peace for Deb and Doug and their families.