In Memory of
Jennifer Louise Mitchell

Jennifer Louise Mitchell Jennifer Louise Mitchell
Jennifer Louise Mitchell (1959 – 2020) passed away at home after a long, hard fight with liver and kidney disease.
She loved family, friends, all animals, books and baths. Jennifer was also a skilled dog trainer, teaching dogs to assist law enforcement and also in protection, search & rescue and simply as great companions. Despite how fearless she was in that profession, she enjoyed many peaceful hobbies like cooking, baking and crafting. One of her favorite pastimes was picking out the perfect card or gift for somebody she loved. She always made you feel special by remembering you on birthdays and holidays.
Jennifer was always there if you needed her and was willing to stop whatever she was doing to help somebody else, a testament to her nurturing and loving spirit.
Jennifer also had an amazing mind and memory. She was the person you would never hesitate to ask about ANY animal-related question.
She was also a proud grandma who always found a way to fit introducing her grand babies to everyone she talked to. Being around them filled her with so much joy and she did everything in her power to give her grandkids the world.
The world is a sadder place without her.
In lieu of flowers, hug your pets or be kind to an animal and think of Jennifer.
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