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Name Date of Death
Stephen M. Davis September 18,2017
Fred P. Woodworth September 02,2017
Bert J. "Jim" Randall September 02,2017
Dean R. Smith August 09,2017
Rev. Douglas James Carroll August 06,2017
Barbara Crothers Lake, M.D. August 02,2017
Lt. Steven D. Hopkins August 01,2017
Mary Louise Mattie July 31,2017
W. Michael O'Hern July 24,2017
Ronald N. Spencer, Jr. July 23,2017
Carlton Bert Cook July 22,2017
William T. Tierney July 11,2017
Helen (Dorman) Clarke July 11,2017
Gary L. Strauss July 11,2017
Alton Elmer Olmsted July 08,2017
John L. Johnson July 06,2017
Marian M. Weldy July 05,2017
Patricia A. Green July 04,2017
Gail M. Weber July 03,2017
Paul T. "Butch" Johnson June 27,2017
Nuncio F. DiCosimo June 24,2017
George W. Bishop June 24,2017
Mary M. Smith June 24,2017
Jacquelyn (Paine) Walker June 19,2017
Patricia E. Young June 13,2017
Rosemary A. Hogan June 10,2017
Yolanda M. "Yo" Scaglione June 10,2017
Catherine Ellen "Cat" Thomas June 09,2017
Karen E. Kelly June 05,2017
Mollie M. Stryker June 04,2017
Timothy M. Fitzpatrick May 31,2017
Marjorie M. Damrath May 28,2017
John Leo Clancy May 26,2017
Robert V. Smith May 21,2017
Mary Joan Rees May 18,2017
John Patrick McRae May 09,2017
Robert Rose May 03,2017
William L. Ernest April 28,2017
Thomas R. Eveland April 27,2017
James T. Lamont April 25,2017
Mary Ruth Griswold April 16,2017
Leah B. Campbell April 12,2017
B. Ernestine Kelly April 07,2017
Mary (Lisi) Secondo April 06,2017
Marcia M. Eldridge April 05,2017
Revere L. "Hutch" Hutchinson April 01,2017
Carole L. Pawlica March 24,2017
Thelma R. Sirianni March 22,2017
James Robert "Jim" Walton March 03,2017
Margaret "Peggy" C. Nugent February 27,2017
Trudy Ann Snyder February 26,2017
John Leo Clancy February 26,2017
Ernest W. "Ernie" Moore February 25,2017
Carl L. Samuelson February 25,2017
George A. Mitchell February 04,2017
Ruth E. Fitzpatrick February 03,2017
Christopher "Kelley" Brown February 01,2017
Robert Gerald "Jerry" Hillman January 31,2017
James L. Munson January 31,2017
Lillian M. Peterson January 27,2017
Esther Hollands Kays January 26,2017
Marian L. Bayly January 15,2017
Chris Allen January 10,2017
Dominic C. Cipolla January 07,2017
Mary Angela Nasca January 04,2017
MaryAnn Ciancaglini January 03,2017
David John "Hub Boy" Hubbard Sr. December 29,2016
Margaret J. Falzoi December 22,2016
Harold Longwell December 21,2016
Mary P. Flaitz December 19,2016
Kenneth R. French December 19,2016
Angeline C. Shinebarger December 19,2016
Michael J. "Mikey" Berg December 14,2016
Mary E. Milliner December 11,2016
Woodrow Towner December 06,2016
Anthony J. "Tony" Cavalletti December 04,2016
Roger A. Gilbert November 28,2016
Alexander N. Marcello November 27,2016
Winifred E. "Winnie" McCollumn November 21,2016
William J. "Bill" Testani November 05,2016
Pamela J. Hoose October 25,2016
James G. Haenisch October 22,2016
Bradley E. Cook October 20,2016
John J. Kline October 19,2016
Thomas Callery October 19,2016
Jean M. Crook October 18,2016
Wallace G. Thibodeau October 02,2016
Joanna M. Koch October 01,2016
Elaine J. Smith September 26,2016
Anne P. Mauro September 23,2016
Clessa Carrie Kellogg Allen September 17,2016
Larry H. Stephens September 02,2016
Inez B. Jones August 21,2016
Douglas E. Chissom August 16,2016
Mary L. Ellis August 09,2016
Phyllis J. Bottomley August 08,2016
Marion "Lucille" Silsbee August 04,2016
Roberta S. Bishop August 03,2016
Virginia Parker July 25,2016
Donald C. "DJ" Johnson July 12,2016
Terry I. Wheelock July 06,2016
Timothy Coleman July 05,2016
John A. O'Brien July 01,2016
Mary M. Smith June 24,2016
Earl O. "Bud" Estey June 23,2016
John F. "Jack" Cregan June 18,2016
Arleen M. (Fox) Towner June 15,2016
Margaret A. Cannon June 11,2016
Onalee H. Faulkner June 08,2016
Virginia Bardeen Bartlett June 03,2016
Gordon S. Fox May 29,2016
Aileen Ruth Wakefield May 29,2016
Anna Mozdyniewicz May 21,2016
Noah Mitchell Ayres May 13,2016
David E. Wellington May 07,2016
Martin R. Costello May 06,2016
L. Stanley Fox May 04,2016
Stepehn T. McHale May 03,2016
Rose A. Carpenter May 01,2016
Amelia I. Hill April 27,2016
Sara E. Arcangeli April 25,2016
Lindsley A. Kidder April 25,2016
Gerald P. Hall April 21,2016
Edward G. Wakefield April 20,2016
Ernest C. Pierce April 14,2016
Asa G. "Ace" Ashworth, Jr. April 08,2016
William E. McCourt April 07,2016
Rodney William Fox April 01,2016
Angeline H. "Angie" (Cartella) Eason March 31,2016
Penny (Joyce) Thibodeau March 31,2016
Anna Eileen Crosby March 24,2016
Helen Gross Craft Ellis March 22,2016
Elizabeth A. Shattuck March 22,2016
Brian L. Sullivan March 20,2016
Susan M. Hollister March 19,2016
Steven R. Drumm March 18,2016
John B. Cardamone, Sr. March 15,2016
Vanessa N. "Sunshine" Webster February 16,2016
Lawrence E. Pierce February 15,2016
Sylvia P. (Mehlenbacher) Travis February 09,2016
Bonnie S. Palmiter February 08,2016
Kimberly J. Gilbert February 02,2016
David C. Dungan January 28,2016
Theodore H. Wightman January 24,2016
Priscilla B. Levinson January 23,2016
Richard F. Harris II January 19,2016
Blanche Robords January 18,2016
James A. Capluzzi Jr. January 14,2016
June L. Markham January 08,2016
James Houghtaling Jr. December 28,2015
Marion B. Towner December 26,2015
Madeline V. Kerr December 26,2015
Roy William Koehler December 24,2015
Walter Dominic Argentieri December 11,2015
Thomas B. MacDougal December 11,2015
Erwin Allen Bischer December 09,2015
Ellen D. Ramirez December 07,2015
Sally Ann Hughes December 04,2015
Audrey E. Guinane December 03,2015
June E. Kaszewski November 24,2015
Anne L. Konopa November 23,2015
Betty S. Gessner November 22,2015
Virginia M. "Ginny" Nicholson November 20,2015
Charles L. "Charlie" Payne November 17,2015
Joan Duffy November 01,2015
Joyce Y. Leary October 31,2015
Michael W. Greene October 30,2015
John Robert Brink October 27,2015
Doris C. Heineman October 25,2015
Theodore J. "Ted" Hillman October 16,2015
Louise D. LaFrance October 15,2015
Keith L. Lawton October 09,2015
Dorothy A. Riefer October 08,2015
Lawrence L. Tillman October 05,2015
Irene Elaine Recktenwald Oyer October 04,2015
Scott A. Unterborn October 01,2015
Ruby A. Flanders September 21,2015
Owen J. Duffy September 13,2015
Kathryn K. Weiman September 11,2015
Robert G. Brink September 11,2015
Raymond B. Jones, Sr. September 07,2015
James M. Wraight August 08,2015
Louis Jack Reitnauer August 05,2015
John A. Lisi August 02,2015
Richard "Rick" Abbott July 28,2015
Diane Gratton Kimball July 19,2015
Karen S. Young July 14,2015
Roger E. Burdin July 14,2015
Gary L. Strauss July 11,2015
Shirley J. Burdett July 06,2015
Audrey M. Gessner July 05,2015
Beverly J. Perrino June 30,2015
Richard L. "Rick" Puffer June 05,2015
Paul L. Polasik June 04,2015
Robert Melvin Clark May 14,2015
Joyce D. Howe May 03,2015
Benjamin Thomas "Ben" Lewis May 03,2015
Ina J. Emery May 01,2015
Lois Tillman April 26,2015
William J. Smith April 22,2015
James D. Bottomley April 21,2015
Elmer F. Parks, Jr. April 21,2015
John Joseph "JJ" Flansburg III April 18,2015
Donna M. Coddington Harshaw April 13,2015
Christine J. (Curran) McDaniel April 06,2015
Beverly Jean Gabb April 02,2015
John S. Solinas March 31,2015
Gloria Arias March 30,2015
Matthew J. McCumiskey March 30,2015
Rachel G. Donavon March 29,2015
Dr. George W. Herrick March 21,2015
George P. Huffsmith March 11,2015
David O. Reamer March 06,2015
Donald "Fred" Stryker March 04,2015
Lois W. Lisi March 02,2015
Loretta T. Haefele February 16,2015
Linna Jean Bossie February 16,2015
John F. Gorton, Jr. February 16,2015
Thelma I. Sloan February 16,2015
James A. Schmitz February 10,2015
Neil J. Sliter February 09,2015
Spencer J. Bardeen February 07,2015
Mary Frances Dunning February 04,2015
Marian J. Mehlenbacher February 04,2015
Harriet A. Smith February 03,2015
John J. Dessena February 03,2015
Ann M. Rizzon February 03,2015
Elmina (Jones) Cook January 17,2015
Robert A. Judkins January 16,2015
Leo James Balistreri January 13,2015
Melvin G. "Mel" Partridge January 10,2015
Ann M. Whitman January 09,2015
Julia M. Ryan January 09,2015
Joseph E. Robbins Jr. January 08,2015
Elizabeth A. Hall January 06,2015
Albert L. Merriam January 04,2015
Hunter S. Kolesar January 01,2015
Arthur McKenzie Wightman December 14,2014
Dorothy E. Miles December 12,2014
Joseph M. Peterson November 29,2014
Dustin S.D. Linsler November 25,2014
Debra J. French November 23,2014
Hester L. Shepard November 22,2014
Nancy H. Smith November 22,2014
Harold K. Brown November 19,2014
David J. Riefer November 11,2014
Melody Ann Haines November 10,2014
Helen Parsels November 09,2014
Raymond P. Rahmlow November 08,2014
Vernon E. Carr October 30,2014
Richard Searing "Dick" Giles October 24,2014
Shanna L. Edwards October 20,2014
Lila J. Coleman October 19,2014
Sonja R. Sweeney October 11,2014
Helen Irene Sager October 10,2014
Jeannine A. Leger October 07,2014
Theodore L. Brown October 04,2014
Michelle L. "Mickey" Hanrahan October 01,2014
Sheldon "Shelly" LaVerne Santacroce September 24,2014
Gerald C. Ferringer September 17,2014
Harry E. Smalt September 11,2014
Leo E. Damrath September 11,2014
Merva C. Leckinger September 06,2014
Dolores (Mowers) Sheon September 05,2014
Sadie M. Randall August 16,2014
John B. Chapman, Sr. August 16,2014
Mary L. Parsons August 10,2014
Carolyn A. Burdette August 06,2014
Jane Stowe July 28,2014
Frank T. Palmesano III July 22,2014
Francis M. Amidon July 18,2014
Norma J. Maglier June 29,2014
Jessie M. Peterson June 22,2014
Eleanor J. "Ellie" Partridge June 19,2014
Enola B. "Bea" Norton June 15,2014
Gertrude L. Huffsmith June 14,2014
Doris V. Zeliff June 05,2014
Fred R. Zeh June 04,2014
William J. Wintermute, Sr. June 03,2014
Mary L. Hover June 01,2014
John E. Watkins May 12,2014
Cheryl Fuller April 20,2014
Ruth Griffin Rogers April 14,2014
Calvin M. Milliner Sr. April 10,2014
Shirley M. Ferris April 09,2014
Jennifer B. Morey April 07,2014
Mary M. Colomaio April 06,2014
Robert D. Cooper April 02,2014
Edwin Joseph Boss, Jr. April 02,2014
Horace R. Foley April 02,2014
Frank B. Bottomley March 22,2014
Ann M Fahir March 17,2014
Jacy "Re" Nuttah March 15,2014
Thurlow W. Whitman March 06,2014
George W. "Bill" Cox III March 01,2014
Norma Jean Schwartz February 15,2014
Mary Kathleen Crowe February 13,2014
Ruby M. Foskey February 06,2014
Susan M. Plake February 01,2014
Daniel R. Lackey January 16,2014
Patricia R. Mattie January 12,2014
Lawrence R. Shinebarger January 08,2014
Doris A. Singer January 06,2014
Thomas P. Koch December 16,2013
Kim M. Burger December 15,2013
Rose A. Moore November 28,2013
Tyler S. Davis November 24,2013
Virginia A. Lyon November 23,2013
Audrey Reed Saltsman November 18,2013
Elizabeth H. Trethaway November 12,2013
Victor L. Hammond November 08,2013
Lillian C. Howe November 07,2013
Gilbert E. "Gil" Partridge November 02,2013
Geraldine Olmsted Smith October 28,2013
Nancy H. Hann October 22,2013
Wayne H. Carter October 18,2013
Julia M. "Julie" Carretto October 13,2013
Rita M. Moretti October 13,2013
Mary Ann Donavon October 12,2013
Patricia R. Wilkins October 08,2013
Lois B. Van Wormer Towner September 19,2013
Carl A. Peterson September 16,2013
Dennison R. Coates September 15,2013
Douglas D. Burdick September 15,2013
Frederic L. Siegel September 08,2013
Scott L. Tingley August 28,2013
Winky A. (Markham) Balloch August 25,2013
Teresa M. (Palmesano) Andreano August 21,2013
Frank A. Libordi August 21,2013
Connor A. Gilbert August 18,2013
Laurine Hughes August 14,2013
Susan K. Garrison August 08,2013
Anna J. Edwards July 30,2013
George W. Booz July 30,2013
David K. Bush July 21,2013
Rita R. Philipps July 15,2013
Betty J. Monaghan July 10,2013
Alec J. Berg June 22,2013
Lawrence E. Bauter June 21,2013
Mildred Mae Wright Lyke June 20,2013
Roger E. Rouse June 19,2013
James H. "Sam" Prunoske June 19,2013
Helen M. Habern June 04,2013
Marilyn G. Price May 29,2013
Jadwiga Hauser May 28,2013
May E. Prior May 21,2013
Margaret A. Nasca May 11,2013
Barbara G. Towner May 11,2013
Sophia Perry May 05,2013
Marilyn D. Heers April 26,2013
Barbara M. Alsheimer April 14,2013
John J. McInerney, Jr. April 09,2013
Warren B. "Joe" Hargrave, Jr. April 05,2013
Rose M. Sheridan March 08,2013
Mary Lois Murphy February 08,2013
Leslie E. Mead Jr. February 05,2013
Janet M. Young February 05,2013
Llewellyn C. Bennett February 02,2013
Marilyn E. (Brown) Alsheimer January 30,2013
Ronald J. Dickey January 27,2013
Fred Deebs January 19,2013
Ida Mae Ames January 13,2013
Leta C. Shea January 03,2013
Regina Ann Crandall Slater January 03,2013
Barbara J. Oyer January 01,2013
John S. Solinas March 31,1015
John S. Solinas March 31,1015
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